The Issues

What We Stand for


As school directors, we will continue to navigate through the aftereffects of the pandemic both financially, through the budgetary process, and educationally, by assessing academic progress to identify deficiencies and provide appropriate support. We will move the district forward by addressing the needs of the most vulnerable among us, both those who have been adversely affected by the recent pandemic and those whose vulnerability is chronic. We will transition from reacting to the pandemic to proactively supporting students and families using social-emotional learning strategies.


As school directors, we will support policies that improve outcomes for all students. We will ensure that the district engages with all students, and the community beyond, in an equitable manner and that all people and perspectives, no matter how diverse, are treated with the respect all people deserve and are inclusively applied to all district actions. We will work to promote the emotional and physical well-being of our students, as well as their creativity and critical thinking, while ensuring equity, encouraging  progress, and maximizing achievement.

Effective Communication

As school directors, we will ensure that all district communications are as clear and thorough as possible and that those communications are consistent from school to school. We believe common language, unified messaging, and uniform district-wide policies are essential. 

Transparent Leadership

As school directors, we will ensure that district and board decision-making is done as transparently as possible, that every member of the community has a voice that is heard, and that each person feels they have a stake in the results. While working within the public trust, we will be fair in our dealings with each other and with the community, and every action will be reviewed for fiscal responsibility.