Meet the Guths

How it All Began

Hi! I am Claire Guth. I grew up in a small Pennsylvanian town that was adversely affected by the collapse of the mining industry. Viewing education as a critical driver of mobility, I worked hard and earned a scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After college, I spent a decade in the research sector at the University of Pennsylvania and ran numerous businesses, including a magazine for the Rittenhouse Square area, a beekeeping business and a non-profit to promote careers in the skilled trade sector.

My Journey

For years, I ran an award-winning Pitt Swanson School of Engineering advanced manufacturing program and community makerspace in Homewood. I earned a Master’s from Pitt and am currently getting my Doctorate from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, researching the future of education and work.I serve as a thought partner with the Pennsylvania Department of Education for my research in digital inclusion, career pathways for youth and advancing racial and gender equality in STEAM education. I sit on the board for Prototype PGH, Pittsburgh Public School Career and Technical Education, Pittsburgh Urban Initiatives and the University of Pittsburgh Middle States Re-accreditation Committee for Inclusive Excellence in Education.

My Family

In 2016, my husband Chris and I moved to Mt. Lebanon to be closer to family and raise our children in a district that values community and education. I am the mother of three small children in the Washington Elementary area and my husband and I regularly volunteer in our kid’s classrooms, at their preschool and coach youth sports.

We look forward to meeting more community members.


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