Meet the Johnsons

How it All Began

Hi! I am Annamaria Johnson. I grew up in an ethnically blended household with my mom’s Latina and Native American heritage and my father’s Irish/Italian roots. My parents instilled the values of a strong work ethic and the importance of traditions and faith that have served as the foundation of who I became as an adult. Both of my parents were GED students and owned successful businesses; my father worked as a salesman and my mother owned a hair salon.

My Journey

I have had a successful career for the past 30 years as an executive assistant working with CEOs and CFOs of global corporations, high-tech companies, and financial firms in the Pittsburgh area. I began my career by enlisting in the US Army Reserves in 1987, with the 339th General Hospital in East Liberty. It is my hope to use my experience to encourage the many learning opportunities available to prepare our students for the world, through not only traditional study on a college track, but also community college, education in the trades, and military service options.

My Family

Since my father’s death and my divorce, my mother, Adele and I have combined homes and we now live in a multi-generational household with my daughter, Lara (17) and 2 wild dogs. My son Remy (30) is a chef and a full time student at Community College and father to Marleigh (7) and Damien (7 mos). Our extended family includes my niece, Jacqueline, her husband Taylor, and their amazing daughter, Chavela, to whom I am also, GiGi.

As a family, we spend a lot of time outdoors in warmer weather, enjoying swimming, hiking, and wrangling the backyard vegetable and flower gardens to enjoying neighborhood carnivals, Kennywood, and our many parks. We are also avid fans of Mt. Lebanon and Carnegie Libraries. I am the family holdout for my love of excess snow, skiing and ice cream.

We look forward to meeting more community members.


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